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Effexor Lawsuit puts Pfizer back in the news

Pfizer is a multinational American pharmaceutical corporation with its headquarters based in New York. There are various recent lawsuits filed against Pfizer corporation including;

The Pfizer Inc Canadian division has been certified a class-action lawsuit by the Ontario supreme court. This lawsuit has set up the company to face challenges of failing to adequately warn the users on Champix anti-smoking medication side effects. The plaintiff lawyers including McPhadden Samac Tuovi LLP firm based in Toronto has alleged that Pfizer company in Canada failed to effectively warn the patients of potential adverse psychiatric reactions which include; anxiety, suicidal thoughts, depression and violent outbursts. This statement was received from three law firms and McPhadden. The affected class-action includes anyone based on Canada who used the drug and any family member of the patients.

New york based Pfizer company denied the claims stating that Champix is a well proven aid to smoking cessation treatment and it was approved in more than one hundred countries where over eighteen prescriptions have been filled. It also stated that there is no reliable scientific evidence that demonstrates the Champix alleged injuries. Based on Pfizer recent annual report, the company has spent around two hundred and seventy three million dollars to settle the lawsuits related to medication in the United States. The company also stated that it will stand behind Pfizer Canada and Champix as long as accurate and appropriate information is given to physicians and patients on the efficacy and safety of the drug. It further stated via email that Health Canada approved the drug based on Canada’s labeling requirements.

After Health Canada put warnings against the use of the drug, French government removed Champix as one of the safe medications in the state covered medication list CITING safety concerns over the drug use. The Health Canada said the benefits of the drug when used as prescribed tends to outweigh risks. It also warned the patients to desist from taking the drug and seek immediate medical care if they undergo unusual feelings, behaviors or thoughts. Champix is said to have accounted for the highest number of serious injuries than any other prescription drug according to a recent report released by Pennsylvania based institute of safe medication. It also stated that a total of one thousand and one cases including fifty deaths were reported.

There are also other recent lawsuits filed against Pfizer company including Effexor lawsuit. Effexor has been highly discouraged as a safe drug for pregnant women citing that many women have experienced severe birth defects after taking the drug. There are also Effexor lawsuit claims on children born with debilitating birth side effects as a result of the drug. FDA have stated that 92 percent of depressive episode cases have been reported due to the drug. The FDA rated Effexor drug as grade C meaning it caused harm to animals and thus recommended as unsafe for human treatment. The Canadian medical association journal also indicated that women who took the drug during pregnancy had a double risk of miscarriage.

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