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File your Yaz Lawsuit today,and get compensation for your sufferings from the medicine.

Yaz is a fourth generation oral pregnancy prevention pill that contains ethinyl estradiol & droperinone as the main components. It is a pill that was approved by FDA in March 2006 for the prevention of unwanted pregnancies, treatment of premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) and treatment of acne in girls of at least 14 years of age. Ethinyl estradiol that forms a major component of the otherwise known as combo oral contraceptive is an estrogen that affects the egg-release and the latter component droperinone is a progestin that indirectly restricts the uterus lining. These components make this contraceptive dangerous for health; have caused a lot of side effects and other major symptoms amongst the consumers, which has led to the rise in the number of Yaz lawsuit cases.

If you are one such consumer of the oral contraceptive and have severely suffered because of its consumption, due to its misleading advertisements that hid the side effects, then you must get a compensation for your loss (though no compensation would equal the pain you had to go through). After you fill the form for Yaz Lawsuit given in the websites that offer to fight on your behalf, they shall study your case and give their best to ensure that you get what you deserve. So, please fill in the form as early as possible, for you must get justice for the pain that you have borne. The cases against Yaz side effects have been lodged for the benefit of the people and you must avail your share of redemption from the pain that you had gone through.

The oral contraceptive Yaz has caused more than 50 deaths in the US, with thousands of complaints against side effects and other major health issues like heart attack, stroke, blood clots in lung or veins, thrombosis in legs, gall bladder disease, and pancreatitis. If you or your loved ones have suffered any of these because of the Yaz then you deserve more than just sympathy. File you Yaz lawsuit to fight for your right to compensation against your losses due to the unethical behavior of Bayer and Yasmin, the leading makers of Yaz.

More than 12,000 Yaz lawsuit cases have been already filed and soon the time will run out for filing your Yaz lawsuit, so do not waste any more time before filing your Yaz lawsuit. File your Yaz lawsuit today and get help in form of compensation that might cover the medical expenses you had to bear because of the side effects of this contraceptive. Even let your acquaintances who have faced a similar condition know about filing their Yaz lawsuit, for settlement of your grievances must be done at the right time.

Yaz side effects is a shear case of inhumanity on the part of the makers, who forgot the consequences that the users will face and continued misguiding the people. One must punish the people for their selfish intent and for that you must file your Yaz lawsuit with a competent lawyer who promises to bring justice to you and relieve you of the miseries of such an act of man by punishing them and compensating your pain, only to the extent possible. The real pain that you suffered can never be substituted by wealth. But, having said that you must approach a lawyer for your share of justice, for others are already on the go.